This week in metal: tragedy hits Limp Bizkit and Bad Omens cause a social media riot

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This week in metal: tragedy hits Limp Bizkit and Bad Omens cause a social media riot


The last week or so has been a wild news week for sure – but even all the usual American political shenanigans aside, American heavy metal has been getting a little crazy too. Here’s a rundown on the latest stories, from straight-up tragic, to amusing, to totally bizarre.


LA band Bad Omens caused a right old social media riot last week when it was revealed that they had pulled out of their upcoming tour in support of The Amity Affliction and Senses Fail. The co-headliners took it upon themselves to let everyone know the reason: “they were unhappy about the size of their name on the artwork and felt the need to pull out the day after we announced.” So here we have a band, with one album and a small handful of tours under their belt, feeling that their name wasn’t big enough on a poster underneath a couple of bands that have been slogging it out the hard way for over 15 years. Incredible.


All That Remains guitarist and founding member Oli Herbert passed away last month after having strangely drowned in a pond in his own backyard. Following a well documented falling out with his wife Beth Herbert (whom he was reportedly trying to divorce), the suspicions surrounding his death have reached boiling point when her unusually happy behaviour was punctuated with this announcement: “Good morning everyone this is Beth. And indeed it IS a good morning; Toxicology results are back as is the official cause of my husband’s death!” She went on to disclose that several non-prescribed antidepressants and sleeping aids were found in his system. While former Born of Osiris guitarist Jason Richardson has joined the band so that they can tour their brand new album Victim of The New Disease, an online community that is convinced Beth murdered her late husband is quickly gaining steam, and you can check out the Facebook page ‘Justice For Oli Herbert’ for some real creepy details.


Fred Durst and Wes Borland of Limp Bizkit were unfortunately caught up in the fires currently raging through California last week – the vocalist’s entire house, and a large chunk of the guitarist’s equipment were all lost to the flames.


Bands faking likes and statistics on the internet is nothing new – I used to like to think that most of us have been seeing through that shit since it started happening on MySpace. However just recently an absolutely unknown band from LA by the name of Threatin managed to fake it so well that they got an entire UK tour booked in legitimate venues such as The Underworld and The Exchange. After telling promoters that they had sold hundreds of pre-sale tickets, it all came undone when two people and the support bands rocked up to the first show. Upon further investigation the promoters realised their live videos on YouTube were fake, and that almost their entire fanbase was from presumably click farming accounts from Brazil. Some of the shows still went ahead – with the Threatin vocalist and ringleader paying the venue fee straight out of his pocket – before half his hired gun musicians up and left halfway through the tour.