This spooky Melbourne hidden bar tour will put a beer in your hand and a chill down your spine

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This spooky Melbourne hidden bar tour will put a beer in your hand and a chill down your spine

Photo courtesy of Drinking History Tours

Beneath Melbourne’s famous street art and laneway bars lies a hidden fascination with the macabre.

Looking for a fright with your pint? Drinking History Tours have just the thing for you with their Scary Tales & Hidden Ales experience.

What you need to know

  • Scary Tales & Hidden Ales tours run weekly on Thursdays and Saturdays
  • The tour visits three hidden laneway bars in the CBD while exploring dark chapters of Melbourne’s past
  • Drinking History Tours also offer two other non-spooky tours exploring bars in the city

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From Jack the Ripper suspects to pubs as morgues, Melbourne has a dark past.

Unearthing these stories is a new tour by Drinking History Tours. Scary Tales & Hidden Ales blends beers with bursts of history, focusing on the darker chapters of Melbourne’s past while taking pit stops at three laneway bars.

Historically, the tour runs the gamut from Melbourne’s early fascination with ghosts and the occult – superstitions brought to Victoria by migrants in search of gold – through to some of the city’s most famous murders and haunted places.

From Melbourne’s first public hanging to the creepy tale of the smiling strangler, you’ll need a stiff drink after hearing these stories.

Starting at the site of Melbourne’s first cemetery and ending at its first morgue, the tour winds its way north to south through the CBD.

It runs every Thursday and Saturday, lasting about three hours, and includes a drink at every bar – with your choice of beer, wine or a cocktail.

Guests also receive a gift for their trip and access to the Drinking History Tours app – including additional photos at each stop, bar guides and more.

As well as their Scary Tales & Hidden Ales tour, Drinking History Tours also runs a CBD tour focused on the City’s obsession with alcohol, and a whisky and gin bar tour.

For tickets and more information, visit the Drinking History Tours website