This restaurant is bringing In-N-Out style burgers to Melbourne

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This restaurant is bringing In-N-Out style burgers to Melbourne


Inspired by their love of West Coast America, Theo Tzavaras, and his wife Rosemary, have created the ultimate California burger experience right here in the heart of Melbourne.

They’ve taken a staple of Aussie takeaway – the old souvlaki store – and turned it into something new and exciting. They’ve, perfected their take on the classic American burger, inspired largely by the famous In-N-Out Burger chain.

At first glance it appears to have kept the old souvlaki store veneer. However, they’ve vamped it up with a distinctly Californian feel. Streamlined lights hanging overhead offer a laid back atmosphere with small double-seater tables lining the wall, which opens up to a seating area with more generous sized tables for larger groups. Patrons can soak up the West Coast hip-hop playlist or take in a California centric movie playing on the small TV screen while waiting for their orders.

Loaded with the freshest ingredients and made to order, the menu boasts a wide variety of burgers, catering to almost every taste. Their patties are handmade by Theo himself from a homemade recipe he’s been backwards engineering from classic U.S. eateries.

The burgers are packed but aren’t messy, boasting thick cut pickles and raw onion served in a specially made brioche bun. The meat is cooked to perfection, retaining its moisture without being greasy or oily, loaded with a flavour that is reminiscent of those classic American burger joints. 

The California Classic is the simplest item on the menu, consisting of a hand smashed beef patty, American cheese, lettuce, tomato,  and topped with pink mayo – their own version of a “secret sauce”. The single patty burger is great for light eaters, but if you’re after a little more bang for your buck you can double it up by ordering the LAX (double patty, double cheese).

Poultry gets a fair run on the menu with both The Malibu (a turkey burger), and the Compton Burger (a crispy spicy fried chicken burger topped with a BBQ and sriracha sauce). The chicken is prepared in house, with Theo creating his own medley of spices that results in a tender burger that packs a spicy punch. A vegetarian option is also available, replacing the beef patty with grilled saganaki.

Keeping some elements of their roots, California Burgers also have souvlakis on offer, as well as a selection of tacos. Fries are available as a standard side while cheesy fries (served with melted American cheese) are also available for the more adventurous.

California Burgers don’t need anything flashy to bring in the crowds. Instead, they let the food speak for itself. Utilising fresh ingredients and with everything made to order, it’s the perfect spot if you’re sick of the sloppy take away burgers you find at most places around town. Whether you’re a late night eater or just somebody who enjoys a damn good burger; you’re sure to find something to tantalise your tastebuds at California Burgers.