This is What It Feels Like

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This is What It Feels Like


This Is What It Feels Like is a bittersweet look into the breaking down of relationships between family, between friends and between lovers. After being away for a few years, Eliza returns home. Humiliated when interviewed on tv over her involement in a human rights scandal, she struggles to reconnect with the life she left behind. Arriving at a dinner part at Georgie’s house, she discovers that it is actually Georgie’s engagement party. As the night goes on, secrets are revealed, forever changing the dynamic between Eliza, her sisters Georgie and Henri, her friend Hannah and her boyfriend Johnny.

Adam J A Cass and Lauren Bailey previously teamed up to write the wonderful The Killing Fever back in 2007 at La Mama. Seven years later and this duo still know how to write good theatre together. Filled with angst and awkwardness, the script beautifully depicts how a person, even when surrounded by loved ones, can feel so alone and how they try to make sense of the world.

Cass, as director, has pulled together a group of talented performers, including Bailey, to bring truth to the words. Jessica Hackett was a particular standout as the eager Henri, who, when faced with betraying Eliza, retreats into herself. Meanwhile, Jennifer Tran, along with Cass, has created a wonderfully bright set, which is very fun to touch. This is an engaging show and I look forward to seeing what Adam J A Cass and Lauren Bailey come up with next.