There’s a Macca’s rave happening in Melbourne next weekend

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There’s a Macca’s rave happening in Melbourne next weekend

Macca's Rave
words by staff writer

Watch out for the Hamburgler.

It’s your night at the club and your drunk late-night snack rolled into one! On Saturday, September 30, Deluxe Rooftop and Bar is hosting a Macca’s-themed rave for all the hungry party people and junk food enthusiasts.

Ever dreamed of boogying down to the beats of DJ Grimace while the salty scent of fryer grease wafts through the air? This is your moment.

Macca’s Rave

  • Deluxe Rooftop and Bar is throwing a Macca’s Rave on September 30
  • There will be a costume contest, themed drinks, DJ Grimace and so much more
  • Tickets are on sale now

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What does a Macca’s rave entail, you may ask? Well, first of all, you better come dressed to impress because there will be prizes for the best costumes including a $100 bar tab.

Get out the face paint to channel your inner Ronald MacDonald, craft up some kind of cardboard chicken nugget outfit, or dig up that uniform from your fast food service days, then snap a pic in front of the golden arches balloon wall.

If your outfit needs a little extra boost, they’ll have glowsticks (red and yellow of course) and a Grimace glitter bar which will be dishing out all-purple body glitter.

The venue has also created some custom drinks to serve up on the evening. Try the Postmix Paradise, the Grimace’s Purple Drank (not a Grimace shake, but close enough) and something called Macca’s Juice, which we’re assuming is every flavour from the self-serve soda machine mixed together.

As the Macca’s rave is a fan event and not actually associated with MacDonald’s, it’s unclear if there will be Macca’s snacks available – but if not, we’re definitely picking some up on the way home.

Find out more and grab tickets here.