There’s a late-night audio visual rave happening in the CBD this month

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There’s a late-night audio visual rave happening in the CBD this month

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Prepare to immerse yourself in a multisensory extravaganza like no other as Resonance returns for its third installment, promising an unforgettable fusion of synchronized visuals, lighting, and sound.

Saunter down the stairs at 170 Russell and get ready for a multi-media feast that transcends conventional boundaries, offering a transformative experience where music becomes a visceral journey through the depths of emotion.

At the heart of Resonance lies MAMI, whose dynamic performance unfolds before your eyes as they take the stage on separate DJ consoles. This face-to-face setup intensifies the connection between artists, amplifying their energy and synergy, which reverberates seamlessly through the audience.

Resonance III

  • Friday, June 28
  • 11pm to 4am
  • With Matt Pontikis, MJL and Nacanā
  • Tickets are on sale now

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Each beat, each melody, becomes a conduit for collective resonance, transforming the room into a pulsating entity of shared emotions and vibrations.

Resonance is a testament to MAMI’s unwavering passion for crafting immersive musical and visual experiences. Guided by their vision, Resonance promises to transport attendees on a captivating journey through the realms of melodic house and techno, curated by a lineup of artists who share MAMI’s musical taste and aligned vision.

In the spirit of inclusivity and unity, Resonance extends a warm welcome to all. Here, diversity is celebrated, and every individual is embraced with dignity and respect. They’ll be going late into the night, from 11pm and 4pm, so there’s no need to look for an afters.

As the event unfolds, Resonance will be supported by the talents of Matt Pontikis, MJK, and Nacanā, each adding their unique flair to the auditory tapestry. Together, they contribute to the symphony of sounds that will echo through the venue, leaving an indelible mark on all who bear witness to this sonic spectacle.

Join us at Resonance and prepare to surrender to the power of music and visuals intertwined. Let your senses be ignited, your emotions stirred, and your spirit lifted as you embark on a journey of sonic enchantment.

Grab your Resonance III tickets here.