The Rocket

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The Rocket


Although the very realistic setting and subject matter of The Rocket is unsettling, you still walk out of this with a warm, fuzzy feeling inside. Eccentric characters and situational humour shine through without deterring from the overall impact of the film.

Based in Laos, where children live and play in proximity of active landmines and dormant bombs, it’s a world that most people will be unaware of. Writer and director Kim Mordaunt, who has lived in the country for several years now, got the idea for the film while making a documentary in the area, called Bomb HarvestThe Rocket tells the story of Ahlo, the only surviving twin at birth who is believed to be cursed with bad luck, especially after the tragic death of his mother. He and his family, along with two new friends, travel across Laos in search of a new home and eventually Ahlo tries to prove his luck by building a rocket to win a competition.

The two young stars are the biggest draw card here. They’re so talented and cute together that it’s hard not to credit the whole film to them. It’s no surprise that 10-year-old Sitthiphon Disamoe, who plays Ahlo, won the Best Actor Award at the Tribeca Film Festival.