The Rick Freeman Quartet

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The Rick Freeman Quartet


Rick Freeman – Piano
Rick has been a regular artist for Southside Classic Jazz for a few years now, after having returned from living and working overseas and leading his own sextet The Game of Tones, a Latin quartet – Casa Latina and playing in a Ska Band.

Rick is much in demand as a piano accompanist in both jazz and classical styles. He has held residencies in Melbourne wine bars and hotels and at the Eco Brick Yard Retreat in Beijing. Expect a fun night with swinging standards and interesting material. He has a great passion for improvised jazz and really swinging the blues. He also doubles on clarinet and saxophone.

Tamara Murphy – Double Bass
Tamara Is a major figure in the jazz scene in Melbourne and more broadly. She won the inaugural Young Elder of Jazz Commission in Melbourne. Her performances and compositions have been featured on ABC Jazz and is she s a band leader of “Spirograph Studies” and is featured in many other bands such as ATM 15.

Ollie Ledi Hanane – Drums
Ollie is a bright young star who is impressing everyone with his talents and ability to listen. He shows great skill and technique, demonstrating taste years beyond his age. Ollie loves unusual time metres and is into many different styles while pursuing a masters in music.

Special Guest Andy Sugg – renowned tenor and soprano saxophonist
Andy recently recorded Grand & Union in Brooklyn NY 2019 to public acclaim and an avante- garden album “Berlin Session” with daughter Kate Kelsey-Sugg – on piano. Among other acclaimed recordings are his “Brunswick Nights” featuring US saxophone legend David Liebman for whom it was the first ever recording with an Australian band over his long career! Andy’s intensity and craft are guaranteed to please. Andy’s Doctorate was on the music of John Coltrane.