The Post Office Hotel

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The Post Office Hotel


Reality TV likes to make a big deal of makeovers, whether they are of house, home cooks, or bookish Korean karaoke singers. However, the reality (pun intended) is that motivated people continually reinvent the proverbial wheel in far bolder ways than any of the aforementioned fame addicted tosspots.

For the better part of 2013 St. Kilda’s The Post underwent a meteoric makeover that transformed it from the kinda place Chopper Reid would of cracked skulls circa 1983 to a tasteful yet slightly muted gastro pub.

The redux was helmed by new business owners Leon Handel & Mike Ramensky who have fully redesigned the premises that included raising the ceiling and converting the bottle shop into a cafe.

Remensky opened renowned Asian restaurant Wood Spoon Kitchen on Smith st that he has since sold. However, he retained the services of the head chef Kazuko Goto whose vision for the menu at The Post is a gastro pub experience that includes a trip around the world with dishes that include baked tandoori barramundi and roast vegetable tagine.

Beat Eats was invited down to the eatery on Sunday to experience ‘Sliders & Ciders’ that includes $4 pulled pork and soft shell crab sliders and $15 jugs of Napoleone Apple cider. Served in a delectable brioche bun the pulled pork is accented with sweet coleslaw and the soft shell crab includes that familiar tang of tartar sauce – both are excellently offset on the palate with a hearty gulp of cider.