The Plot In You : Dispose

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The Plot In You : Dispose


The band’s experimentation with metalcore and alternative genres strikes at the listener’s senses, trespassing their fixed composures to unleash their hidden emotions. Dispose connects to the listener’s own painful experiences in dealing with negative relationships. ‘Feel Nothing’ radiates with wounded vocals, exploring the conflicted need to move on from a broken relationship.

‘Not Just Breathing’spirals with angst and darkness, as it desperately grapples with the bitter notion of trying to escape an empty existence. The heavy breakdown in the chorus of “I’m alive and not just breathing,” particularly resonates – the song urging the listener to contemplate the concept of living beyond a borderline reality.

‘One Last Time’dwells on the hopelessness of trying to swim out of murky waters, and the presence of heavy guitars and pummeling drums accentuate the determination to push through the darkness. Dispose is a sensory journey that reflects on the scars left from painful relationships, while also pursuing purpose and redemption.