The now-titled Rainbow Spirit festival is throwing a long-awaited reunion in January

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The now-titled Rainbow Spirit festival is throwing a long-awaited reunion in January

Rainbow Spirit Festival
Words by Staff Writer

Victoria's beloved Rainbow Serpent festival is now titled Rainbow Spirit, part of a community-minded overhaul of the festival during its absence.

Now, Rainbow is preparing for its eagerly-anticipated return with a special reunion party on Sunday 28th January at Melbourne Pavilion.

Rainbow Spirit Reunion

  • 28 January 2024
  • Melbourne Pavilion
  • D-Nox, Opiuo, Zen Mechanics and more
  • Tickets here

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Over 23 years, Rainbow Spirit grew from a small gathering of friends to a cast of thousands celebrating life, music, arts and culture just a two hour drive from Melbourne. The Briody Family, local Pyrenees communities and the Traditional Owners of the Land have welcomed everyone each year to the town of Lexton, as people travel from all over the world to experience an explosion of colour and creativity.

“Some of our crew recently had the opportunity to visit our festival’s home in Lexton as we supported a local community event and attended to some maintenance tasks around the site. We know you miss it and we cannot wait for you to reunite on the site again,” the festival posted on social media.

“We’re fully aware that the wait is taking longer than any of us would have expected. Our particular situation requires a very bureaucratic process and we are still waiting for responses and reports from various authorities to enable us to proceed. As frustrating as it is, we have been making progress and remain confident of our end goal.

“Rainbow Reunion will be our last city event for some time – your support of this event will play a vital role in helping us secure the festival’s return.
Get ready for an epic Rainbow Reunion with headliners D-Nox, OPIUO, and Zen Mechanics plus many more. Not to mention two outdoor areas, chill spaces, and fantastic performers. We’ve poured our hearts into making it a fun filled day, guaranteed to soak in the Rainbow vibes.

“They often say it’s about the journey, not just the destination. Let’s celebrate everything we love about Rainbow to carry us through until we can all return to those magical fields of Lexton once more.”

Tickets here.