The most hilarious reactions to Arctic Monkeys’ divisive new album

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The most hilarious reactions to Arctic Monkeys’ divisive new album


Arctic Monkeys’ long-awaited new album Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino has arrived. If you haven’t figured it out by now, the reaction from fans has been, uh, mixed — to put it lightly. 

While some have embraced the new record’s introspective, lounge-inspired sound — others just want the leather jacket-wearing Cool Boys ™ that gave us the riff-laden AM and Suck It and See to return. 

While the jury is still out on how Tranquility Base will be remembered after the dust has settled, it’s still pretty hilarious to check out some fan reactions in the interim. Enjoy. 

That’s one way of saying you don’t like it, I suppose. 

 Something tells me this chap didn’t give the record ‘Four Stars out of Five’.

You know what? Me too. 

People change, after all.

The only way to truly get inside of this album is to listen to it draped in silk.

At the very least, Tranquillity Base is the best album of 2018 to have the phrase ‘cheeseburger’ in a chorus. At least Arctic Monkeys have that going for them.  

Following that, the band took to Fallon to play ‘Four Stars out of Five’. Safe to say, Alex Turner’s new coke-dealer-cum-geography-teacher look is going down a treat. 

It’s a performance that yielded some quality banter in the YouTube comments section, such as: 

“Alex looks like he’s just about to sing Toto – Africa.” 

“Why does Alex look like an ’80s cocaine dealer?” 

“My favourite grandpa is singing.” 

And my personal favourite, “Daaamn Alex went from ‘she calls me daddy too’ to ‘come back by 9 or you’re grounded’.” 

In any case, it’s been fantastic to see people collectively lose their shit over a rock band changing their sound. 

Great job, internet. Keep up the good work.