The Mercy Kills vs Los Amigos

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The Mercy Kills vs Los Amigos


The Mercy Kills Interview Los Amigos…

How did you Amigos come about?
Yo man, we all met while we was on holidays, and by holidays I mean jail.

What can us gringos expect from your show?

We gonna get loco homes. We gonna play rock‘n’roll better than Elvis fucking Presley man!

Where can we hear/purchase your stuff?

You can come buy our album at Wrestlerock. Best album ever made vato!

Other than Jen-X (TMK’s bass player) who is your biggest inspiration?

Oh yeah homes, we like that sexy mamacita! We like the music of Tom Jones and of course Ricky Martin. He is not gay, he is Puerto Rican!

Are there any plans for Los Amigos action figures?

Yeah, we use them to smuggle our shit over the border!

If you need to take down a fan gone loco, what wrestling hold would you recommend?

It’s a hold I learnt on the street man…it’s called a bullet in the ass!

Is the rumour true that you asked Machete to join the band?

He wanted to join but we said no – his penis was too big. He travels economy and his penis travels first class, you know what I’m saying homes!

You have played Wrestlerock before, what can the audience expect?

Yo mang, it’s the most fun you can have without bullets! There’s gonna be tequila, party and a lot of broken bodies!

The title of your new album Viva Los Amigos, celebrates friendship. Were there any times in the band’s history where things got ugly?

Yeah, one time my wife came to the backstage and I was knuckle deep in a sexy mamacita – my boner went from midnight to six o’clock. You feel me mang? I still have to sleep outside!

Los Amigos Interview The Mercy Kills…

I hear you vatos have a new record out? Tell me about it homes!

Yes! It’s called Happy To Kill You and it’s rad. Go and listen to it!


Where can I get this record from? Is it ok if I steal it from the shop?
You can get it off iTunes, JB Hi-Fi or through our Facebook page.

Are you looking forward to playing at Wrestlerock? I heard there’s gonna be a lot of action and a lot of tequila!
We can’t wait to kick it out at Wrestlerock! It’s the talk of the town. Wrestling with a side of live band. What more could anyone ask for? It’s gonna be massive?

You have some sexy mamacitas in your band homes! Do they like the big strong Mexican man? Would they like to go for a ride in my low-rider?

Are you talking about lead singer Mark and drummer Josh? They are sexy mamacitas. And they’d love to ride on your low-rider!

Do you know anyone who can help me out with a green card?

I might know someone who knows someone.

What other shows you got coming up mang?

Obviously we are playing with you Amigos at Wrestlerock. Other than that we have an Australian tour in the works with the premier release of roller/splatter film Murderdrome that our song Can’t Stop was featured on!

Can you lend me 20 dollars?

To buy our album? No worries!

We gonna see you homies for Wrestlerock at the Corner Hotel on Saturday February 1…you gonna be ready to rumble?

See you in the ring Amigos! You’re going down!