The Melbourne Music Week After Party

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The Melbourne Music Week After Party


“We weren’t going to do an after party – it wasn’t going to be called ‘the After Party’ or anything like that. It was just going to be another night on the schedule. But I think Melbourne Music Week finishes on Saturday night, so they were like, ‘Okay, we can’t really run KUBIK for one night extra, it has to be something special – so they called it the After Party”.

Much like the other KUBIK nights throughout the week, the After Party will have a distinct thematic concept and mood.

“The theme is that sort of Sunday Gazpacho vibe where anything can happen. You might get an international level [DJ] come and play…it’s providing that sort of element of randomness where people that like rock ‘n’ roll can actually come and check out rock ‘n’ roll because Volatile Ram is playing. Although [Mike] Callander and I play a lot more techno house, we have a range that can cater for that stuff too, and providing some music throughout the early part of the evening where it is more disco and more deep house. I wish it ran for a longer period of time or the nights were a little bit later because that could fit all the people in the same night and you could clearly see the direction of the whole situation. The original idea was to have that sort of variety, and so by having Animals Dancing before we feature Lewie Day and Otologic – [it assists] the new up-and-coming artists in Melbourne; there isn’t much on for them.”

Safari has been involved in assisting Marksthespot director Kevin Karlberg curate the KUBIK lineup for its run during Melbourne Music Week, and was given reign over the final event of the program. Featuring throughout the day will be the exciting Animals Dancing Collective, Andee Frost (the personality behind The House deFrost night at The Toff In Town), Lewie Day (hailed as one the greatest exports this city had produced since Wet Music times), Otologic (Nick Murray and Tom Moore – the team behind C Grade), followed by Mike Callander (a resident and programmer at Revolver), Volatile Ram, Safari himself, and to close will be Frenchman Le K, who will be will showcasing his TouchAble smartphone app while unveiling tracks from his new album in synchronisation with KUBIK’s colourful cubes.

“They can relate to Animals Dancing, the younger audience, they might come early and hang out, or maybe see Volatile Ram which is a proper rock band. They sound insane. When I was watching them I was like (Safari displays a stunned expression). You’ve got three major musos…the combination sometimes sounds like Mogwai, you know very experimental and they just kind of fit…each other. I said to Kev, ‘I think Otologic. These guys need to be showcased somehow. Lewie Day needs to be showcased somehow even if he’s overseas, we need to have him’. Le K is an interesting character. He came here for the Rebel Music Academy in 2006, and he became really good friends of ours”.

Indeed, the after party is seemingly built upon the foundation of friendship.

“Everyone that is playing on the night – we all know each other for a very long time. So it’s kind of like a family event in a way. It’s a way to have good content and have everybody hang out and just say goodbye to [KUBIK].”

“Sunday is about resting from [sticking to one genre] and providing content that is wid. Kev knows that I actually can cater for a lot of different things.”