The Man from Atlantis + Nick Ashwood

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The Man from Atlantis + Nick Ashwood

An evening of exploratory, experimental sounds with the Man from Atlantis and Nick Ashwood.

the man from Atlantis is the moniker for Melbourne, Australia musician Mike Sill. Mike started 90s art-rock outfit Ray of Creation in the early 90s and went on to form krautrock duo Imperial Leatherman in 2000 with Stevie Richards. Throughout the 90s and 2000s Mike was an integral part of the underground music scene in Melbourne. the Man from Atlantis is an extension of ideas formed in these previous bands utilising the acoustic, electric and Weissenborn guitars.

The sound is a mix of American Primitive finger-style guitar in the John Fahey/ Robbie Basho idiom, psych, raga, experimental and folk. He performs mostly solo but also as a duo and trio act. The Man from Atlantis has released 8 solo recordings and two collaborations with the US artist Reid Karris and Brazilian guitarist George Christian. In May 2024 he releases Secret Teeth: New Common Era – a collaboration with Nashville, Tennessee artist Blake Edward Conley (Droneroom).

Nick Ashwood is a composer and performer of contemporary experimental music, from nipaluna/Tasmanian. Nick’s practice explores the possibilities of the steel-string acoustic through means of just intonation, preparations, deep listening and harmonic space. Nick has perform and recorded with: Laura Altman, Jim Denley, Robbie Avenaim, Annette Krebs, Amanda Stewart, Splinter Orchestra, Cor Fuhler and Chris Abrahams, amongst others. Nick is part of a number of ongoing groups 180ยบ with Jim Denley and Amanda Stewart, The Splinter Orchestra, Duo with Laura Altman and newly formed group ACDA with Chris Abrahams, Jim Denley and Romy Caen.