The Mamas ‘Trash’ Launch Residency

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The Mamas ‘Trash’ Launch Residency

A putrid stench fills the air. Thick clouds of an unnerving scent waft across a dystopian landscape of rotting food, rancid sludge, and gooey chunks of decaying rubbish. A trash heap overflows, piles upon piles of disgusting, forgotten waste breaching the confinements of a rusty skip bin, an avalanche of tumbling debris, slipping down the sides and melting into radioactive pools on the ground… It’s bin night, and your nose knows it. A blinding white light suddenly pierces the fetid fog, as an angelic chorus of voices form a jazzy cluster chord on high. The rubbish appears to evaporate before your very eyes. The distant sound of green bins trundling along cobbled alleyways sounds like music from a mysterious, foreign land. Who did those angelic voices belong to? Why does everything have a bit of a cool, fun, sexy vibe all of a sudden? Why do I feel deliriously in love with the world, but like I could cry my eyes out at any given moment? How can a loving God cause such agony?

It’s time to SHUT UP and stop asking so many questions. THE MAMAS have RETURNED with a hot new single entitled TRASH, and YOU are invited to their single launch residency party Wednesday in November at SHOTKICKERS. Details above. Get OVER it. See you there, if you dare.