The Lemon Twigs : Brothers Of Destruction

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The Lemon Twigs : Brothers Of Destruction


Brothers Of Destruction is spectacular for several reasons. Not just for the fact that the band behind it are brothers who do not destruct per se, rather they de-construct and their alma mater was Hicksville High School. So far, too good. Ostensibly this is the closing chapter to their first LP, Do Hollywood, and they manage a vigorous battery of the skull in just six short songs.

Confrontation and an abrasive undertow lay beneath the fairground pleasantry. They are deeply wretched and funny in a Reels kind of way. Quite unexpected and unique, they create intricate and classy sounds that are adventurous in their design. Hear ‘Why Didn’t You Say That?or the emotive Victorian flow of ‘Beautiful’.


A trim release, careering from Todd Rundgren to Queen in equal measure, it’s like a pinball machine of ideas. ‘Night Song’hints at their wilder instincts, which are nowhere near being tamed, as the burst of gunfire at the end of the song suggests.

Light And Love’is an ethereal drift that comes close to ominous expectation rather than any fidelity despite the gentle strumming. This is twinkling chamber pop in excelsis.