The Killers ready for Melbourne: ‘We excel at being a really good live band’

The Killers ready for Melbourne: ‘We excel at being a really good live band’

The Killers

The Killers are coming to Melbourne, Geelong and the Barossa Valley in 2022. We spoke to the band as tickets go on sale to their Australian invasion.

The closing of line of Vegas rockers, The Killers, impeccable 2006 album Sam’s Town offers, “It’s good to have you with us / even if it’s just for the day…”

The Killers are joining us for more than just a day…A Day On The Green that is. Yes, that’s right, The Killers are making their debut at A Day On The Green 2022 at Geelong’s Mt Duneed Estate on Saturday 10 December, and Peter Lehmann in the Barossa Valley on Sat 3 December.

The announcement comes with the rescheduling of their 2020 Imploding The Mirage World Tour, which will see the stadium rockers return to Melbourne’s Rod Laver Arena next December.

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Originally announced for 2020 to coincide with their sixth studio album, Imploding The Mirage, which brought us belters ‘Caution’, ‘Blowback’ and the stage ready ‘My Own Soul’s Warning’, the Imploding The Mirage World Tour became a Covid casualty.

“We’ve played a few songs and we’ve done a string of dates here in the States – did I just write a song? – and we played a few tracks and it felt really good, songs like ‘Dying Breed’ and of course ‘Caution’ but there are so many more we want to step into and play for people,” explains The Killers drummer, Ronnie Vannucci.

“We had this thing all thought out, everyone has their own problems with this Covid thing, but we were getting excited to be playing all of these songs and then the sky fell and here we are a few years later.”

As fans patiently lined the live music waiting room, the glamorous indie rock and rollers gifted fans another album and childhood documentation, Pressure Machine, released August this year which included a collaboration from Phoebe Bridges on ‘Runaway Horses’. Whilst combining album tours would cover the old ‘kill two bird’ scenario, Vannucci says they will allow each album to have their own breathing space.

“We talked about it. Some of the songs on Pressure Machine, we owe it to those songs to give them their own venue almost, others we’ve adapted for the live show. I would like to have a night where we could dedicate a mood to a specific venue and play Pressure Machine as well as do alternate versions of other songs that we have in our pocket. But we will see – we sort of turn on a dime and go with what makes the most sense and feels the most organic,” says Vannucci.

Over the years, The Killers have graced our shores for a multitude of performances from festival appearances including Big Day Out in 2013, to sold out stadium tours, and even offering a stellar hits medley as the AFL Grand Final entertainment in 2017, each time stepping up their energetic live performance and production. This time around they want a generous blend of drama and raw performance.

“We have a few ideas. We keep dreaming really really big and talking crazy production and we always sort of end up yanking it back because we feel like it’s too many smoke and mirrors so I think we will find a nice middle ground to settle on,” he says.

“One of the things we excel at is being a really good live band – people see us play live and when they see us, they like it. So many times when you get into talking to people in production they want to do something so fantastic that the personnel; the people; on stage are forgotten about. We don’t want that, we want to be part of the whole transformation from real life to this two hour getaway for people to see, but we don’t want them to show up and watch a fucking movie. We want them to see us play.”

The ‘Mr Brightside’ birthers’ world domination came after their monumental debut album Hot Fuss, and following a set on Californian teen drama, The OC. Rachel Bilson (Summer Roberts) and Melinda Clark (Julia Cooper) have been taking fans down nostalgia drive on their latest podcast, Welcome To The OC, Bitches, whilst exploring the fabric of the show; the beloved music selection.

“I’ve had a refresher in this, I hadn’t seen this in almost 20 years – I think we did it in 2004, 2005 maybe when or even before Hot Fuss was released – my wife showed it to me. I was away and she was rewatching episodes of The O.C. and was like ‘holy shit you’re on here’, and I was like ‘oh yeah’. I don’t think I would say that we were part of this big thing but I remember thinking TV is changing. I think it was the first time that a show and its musical director were really paying attention to what a young person was thinking and it started this trend of it being okay to be included in a TV show. It was a game-changer.”

It certainly incited a mass of fans to smile like they mean it and offered the notion that everything will be alright. But you won’t be alright if you miss out on seeing them in our own backyard.

General public tickets go on sale Monday 15 November at 2pm for the Geelong show. Caution: they will go quickly!  You can find your tickets here