The Jackie Mittoo Review with Mista Savona

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The Jackie Mittoo Review with Mista Savona

Bar 303

Presented by Jake Savona and friends, including:

Baz Turnbull: Guitar
Andy Paps: Bass
Jules ‘Slap 10’ Goyma: Drums
Jake Savona: Hammond Organ
Neda Rahmani: percussion

303 is ‘pulling out all the stops’ and has installed a big and beautiful vintage 60’s Hammond organ (B3 in a churchy cabinet) and mighty ‘Leslie’ rotary speaker in the front bar. Few, if any, venues are lucky enough to permanently host the incredible and unique sounds produced by this dynamic combination. We all know – there is no substitute for the real thing.

To celebrate, Jake Savona and friends are presenting their seventh instalment of Australia’s only ‘JACKIE MITTOO REVUE’ – presenting two sets of material from the Jamaican keyboardist’s vast repertoire of funk, soul and reggae. With a particular focus on his Studio One instrumental output in the 60’s and 70’s, this is a night DEFINITELY not to be missed!