The installation that’s lighting up The Royal Botanic Gardens this winter

The installation that’s lighting up The Royal Botanic Gardens this winter

Royal Botanic Gardens

Wander through sparkling lights and glowing tunnels in this Australia-first installation experience.

This highly anticipated experience is finally coming to Melbourne after being postponed way back in 2020. Installation show Lightscape will illuminate the gardens from June 24 until August 7 in an immersive after-dark experience. Marvel at beautiful works from both international and Australian artists, wander through glowing tunnels, shimmering waterside reflections and light-drenched tree canopies over a 1.8 kilometre trail.

What you need to know

  • Highly anticipated light show Lightscape is coming to the Royal Botanic Gardens this winter
  • Featuring light installations from international and Australian artists, be mesmerised by a light show across a 1.8 kilometre trail
  • It’s on from Friday June 24 until Sunday August 7

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Having mesmerised people in the United Kingdom and the United States, Lightscape was originally meant to arrive in Melbourne in 2020 – it’s finally opening from this weekend. Wander through a garden paradise that’s illuminated by vibrant light shows, and marvel as you step through the thousands of fairy lights that light up Winter Cathedral, an awe-inspiring creation. With an accompanying soundscape, delight in the bursts of colour that will explode through trees like fireworks in Melbourne’s own iconic natural wonderland.

Enhancing the beauty of nature, this is the first garden in Australia to host the Lightscape experience. With local artists being commissioned to create their own Melbourne-specific works, they will be featured alongside works created for the US and UK versions of the event.

Lightscape should take you around 90 minutes to explore. Tickets are timed in 15 minute increments.

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