The Hunter Express : The Hunter Express

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The Hunter Express : The Hunter Express


The album boasts a huge ensemble of guest instrumentalists, including Jarrad Brown (Dorsal Fins), Olaf Scott (Saskwatch), Fraser A. Gorman and Matt Dixon, which creates a diverse sound across every track.

From the opening verse of ‘Are You Ready Now’, it’s hard not to make comparisons to Australian legends like Paul Kelly or The Whitlams. The spoken-word structure is carried along by percussion, piano and acoustic guitar, building towards a blissful male-female dynamic. One of the first singles, ‘I Really Like Holding Your Hand’, will connect with almost every Aussie kid. Ellis explains, “The song reflects memories of my end of year high school experience.”

On Your Way Down’ is reminiscent of a Crowded House classic, with just the right amount of melancholy and melody. Created from pieces of home recordings the second single, ‘Cool’, utilises the make-shift production to great effect. Things get a little bit country with ‘Drive’, ‘Joy’ and ‘Involved’, which are generally a little slow but grow on you pretty quickly. Gonna Get It Right’ picks things up again with another spoken-word ditty, while ‘Let’s Be Friends’ and ‘Pattie’ end things on a warm note.