The Horrors : V

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The Horrors : V


The Horrors’ ten-year journey into gothic music began with the bratty and punky Strange House (2007) and has reached a supremely adept juncture with the aptly named V.

The Horrors have an ability to apply fairly staunch principles to bygone genres yet still produce a contemporary piece of art. Opening song proper (there is a brief intro track) ‘Press Enter To Exit’ pays homage to the ’80s goth sound while reverse engineering an almost Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band-like pop sensibility into the song.

The song ‘Machine’ begins with a mechanical drum beat before dropping into a lush groove with lead singer Faris Badwin supremely grasping hold of the song as his lushly rich voice focuses the listener’s mind on the band’s music output.

Forming as teenagers in 2005 The Horrors has not had any line-up change. This is especially impressive considering the hype that surrounded them at their conception and then again when they deftly evolved their sound via 2011’s Skying that featured their most popular and defining song to date Still Life. On V The Horrors deliver another stunning chapter in one of the most consistent music careers of our time.