The Getaway Plan : Requiem

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The Getaway Plan : Requiem


Of course, a review based on comparisons to other bands is fraught with danger and risks angry backlash from the band’s fans. All likenesses aside, this is a record of good, dramatic pop/rock music that will please a crowd and undoubtedly come across very well in a live setting. Indeed, The Getaway Plan are at their best on the big, emotional rock numbers that open the record. By the time you hit Move Along and February, which both sound like potential singles aimed at commercial radio airplay, that dramatic effect dissipates a little.

Fortunately, they re-gather their momentum, and finish the album off in fine style. The title track is a slow burner that builds to a nice screaming climax. Overall, this is a very strong return for this band, after a few years of hiatus, and should find them picking their career up where they left off.