The Fitzroy Mills Market

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The Fitzroy Mills Market


How did the Fitzroy Mills Market begin? Ignited by the recent wave of health awareness and a shift towards traditional and sustainable methods of growing and making.Our vision is to create a vibrant community hub in the form of a wellness market for Melbournians and tourists to interact with local growers and makers of a variety of organic, seasonal, fresh and/or handcrafted produce and products.


How does Fitzroy Mills Market stand out from the pack? TFMM isn’t just your ordinary produce/farmers market. It finds its homeat The Fitzroy Mills, a breathtaking and vibrant space in Fitzroy. It’s a weekly wellness event, which will allow visitors of all ages to come, interact, learn and enjoy an unforgettable experience, all while doing their weekly shop.

What is the ethos/message of the market? We strive to offer an opportunity for local growers, makers and producers to showcase the fruits of their unique passion, while giving them a platform to educate visitors on their products and produce. In essence, we want to give the power back to the little guys by building awareness and connecting our community with Victoria’s best growers and makers.


What do you recommend we see, do and try? Try the wellness-focused produce/products on offer, enjoy a barista-made coffee by Industry Beans, or get lost in the live music, entertainment and educational experiences. However, our favourite way to enjoy a visit to TFMM is to learn about the unique and interesting traders.