The Deadbeats release relentless punk debut Sedatives For The Cynic with a Fitzroy launch show

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The Deadbeats release relentless punk debut Sedatives For The Cynic with a Fitzroy launch show

The Deadbeats
words By Kaya Martin

There’s a new player in Melbourne’s punk scene and they’re not afraid to go full-throttle.

You may have seen them around, playing gigs across the city and putting in hours at the studio, but they’re about to take it up a notch. 

The Deadbeats’ debut album, Sedatives For The Cynic, is set to be released on June 23. To celebrate, they’re throwing a massive matinee launch party at The Workers Club on July 22. Raw, relentless and full of attitude, it’s punk rock at its finest.

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“In a nutshell, you’ve got four mates, all from the same high school that share the same lust for punk rock and that love writing and playing music together,” says the band. 

The Deadbeats came together organically. Bassist Matt Driscoll and lead guitarist Michael Bush (AKA Bushy) were sitting on a few tracks that didn’t fit the vibe of their previous band. The old band broke up, but the boys weren’t finished. 

“We saw it as an opportunity to break open the old treasure chest full of old chords and lyrics and started jamming them out together. The songs were rough at first, but they were raw and real and the writing process was instantly fun. It was the music we both loved and wanted to make moving forward.”

Matt’s brother, Pete Discoll, was a musician as well, with a phone full of new demos. They enlisted his help on guitar and lead vocals. 

Finally, “some redhead cunt” the Driscoll’s knew from high school, otherwise known as Jordan Brady, was brought in on drums.

“He kept pestering Matt and Pete to get together and jam. We instantly clicked.” The Deadbeats were born.

Their sound calls back to the glory days of Californian punk. Drawing influence from NOFX, Rancid, Bad Religion, the Dead Kennedys and Lagwagon, the new album is “a social commentary of the boys’ dubious and adventurous years”. 

“The greatest thing about songwriting is the fact that you can write about things you wouldn’t necessarily say out loud otherwise… for a number of reasons,” says the band.

“More often than not, the process begins with a good old-fashioned vent scribbled down on some paper and occasionally repeating a chorus out loud like a lunatic talking to themselves until it sticks. If you’re good enough, these ramblings are converted to lyrics of substance which often result in songs containing the highest volume of both purity and honesty.”

They’ll be laying it all on the line at The Workers Club show on July 22 where they’ll be playing the album live in full for the first time ever. They’ll be joined by The Thorazines, This Sinking Ship and The Wash.

“We are excited about the potential the album holds to draw new listeners in, not only to our workings as a band but also into the world of punk. It’s been a lot of work to get to this point so we are ready to share our blood, sweat, tears and other juices with the world.”

Catch the Sedatives for a Cynic launch party at The Workers Club on July 22 at 1pm. Grab tickets by heading here.