The Count With… Cabbages & Kings

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The Count With… Cabbages & Kings


Ten bands everyone should know about: The Bon Scotts, Trash Fairys, Brothers Grimm, Mengalwurzel, Juke Baritone and the Swamp Dogs, Marvin Pontiac, Scrimshaw Four, Oh Pep!, any band with Stu West in it and Man Man. 


Nine food items that you need to make a kickarse dinner party: Just turnips. We really like turnips, but not the taste.


Eight possessions that define you: Well we actually have ten really nice turnips, but you’d probably get the picture after eight…


Seven favourite movies/TV shows that go on your mix-tape: We actually recently made this great video of Cliff’s shin, it goes for two hours, but you have to watch it with no audio and the brightness so low the screen is just black otherwise it makes no sense.


Six bad habits you can’t escape: Siamese babies, licking the tin tops of condensed milk cans, recording everything we do and listening back to it in real time, also recording ourselves listening to the recordings, but saving those for when we’re feeling down, licking people on the back of the neck, roses.


Five people who inspire you: James Grimm, Jean Michel Basquiat, Michael Landy, that guy that put that rose stem up his urethra and had to get it surgically removed, Dan’s dad, oh no, wait that’s the same guy… do we get another one?


Four things that turn you on: Clean sheets against cheek.


Three goals for your music: We’d like to make instruments that can be played by plants, then replace the band members with local flora. You know, for the environment. Oh, and start getting bookings for children’s parties.


Two live gigs you’ll never forget and why: 1. When we crowdsurfed a Jesse Hughes sex doll with his moustache and sunnies drawn on and Jesse said he would give it to his ex-wife and then continued to make vulgar and misogynist comments about his ex-wife. 2. Gary Clark Jr.’s jizz face at the Tote.


One day left before the apocalypse and you…

Write a rock opera titled, There Is A Hole In My Bucket Dear Eliza.


When’s the gig/release?

Our debut EP Something is Wrong will be launched on Friday February 21 at the Grace Darling and the EP will be available to buy from then onwards.