The Coronas put on a stellar performance at the Corner Hotel

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The Coronas put on a stellar performance at the Corner Hotel


The Coronas immediately captured the attention of their audience, playing a mix of hits from their new album Trust The Wire among older songs. ‘Real Feel’ was a melodic dream, with frontman Danny showcasing his refined vocals and the rest of the band putting on an energetic performance. 

‘We Couldn’t Fake It’was rhythmic, as Danny’s vocals radiated with emotion. The audience responded positively to the band’s raw passion, and the lively guitars and drums were captivating to listen to. There were also wonderful synth hooks in ‘Addicted to Progress’, which enhanced the indie-pop vibe that the Coronas were pumping onstage. 

The Coronas were just as elated as their fans to perform live, and they thanked everybody for constantly sticking by them. Just to further show their gratitude to everybody, they even ran a draw for people to win prizes, which included a signed CD and a backstage pass. Naturally, this further hyped everybody up, and those who were lucky to win were cheered by the rest of the crowd. 

One of the Corona’s most notable performances was their passionate delivery of the sugary sweet ‘What a Love’. Before playing the song, Danny asked everybody to give the person beside them a hug, just to spread the love. It was endearing to see how quickly most people were willing to join in, and the vibes that radiated throughout this process were lovely.

Along with playing tracks from Trust The Wire, The Coronas also dug into their past, playing memorable tracks such as ‘Closer To You’ and ‘Mark My Words’. Fans immediately basked in their nostalgia as they sung along to every verse, and their eagerness in witnessing these classics being played live was contagious.

The band’s stage presence was mesmerising. They projected an energetic and down-to-earth demeanour, and their combination of folk rock and indie pop only enhanced their upbeat disposition.

Highlight: Meet and greet with the band backstage – everybody was super nice.

Lowlight: Nothing.

Crowd Favourite:What a Love’.