The Celestial Gathering returns for another night of techno, art and magic

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The Celestial Gathering returns for another night of techno, art and magic

by leland tan

With free entry for anyone willing to partake in a men’s and women’s circle.

Coming off last year’s sell-out successes during the Blood Moon and a string of other moonlight parties, The Celestial Gathering (that’s aptly held at 24 Moons in Northcote) plans another soirée under the full moon of Libra this Saturday March 23. The event promises an experience that stems from harnessing the power of the Full Moon for healing, love, and unbridled connection.

If that doesn’t sound spiritual enough, the party also offers a dazzling combination of curated art by Toufie Shareef, a clubbing experience till the early morning and, most fascinatingly, a magicians show with dreamscapes by Al Green. Chiniqua, known for her Ariel hooping performances at the main stage of Babylon Festival will also be present before embarking on her European tour soon after.

It’s said the energy of the full moon draws out the most unpredictable within us, and The Celestial Gathering strives to connect these mediums in creating a scape of all things lunar. The party features a DJ line-up including Brothers, Mad Lucas, and Sassafras that’ll usher you into a moonlight awakening and into that teenage werewolf you never knew you had in you.

There’ll also be free entry to The Celestial Gathering for anyone wishing to partake in the men’s/women’s circles hosted by the organisers, in which people get together and freely express themselves.

“We have ‘check-ins’ at the beginning which is a couple of minutes of uninterrupted ‘how ya goin” and gives each speaker a chance to just let the group know how life is for them at the moment,” said Celestial Gathering founder Moe Aloha.

“I’ve had some of my closest friends express some stuff in these spaces that I had no idea about and some of the baggage they are carrying on a daily basis is pretty surprising to hear.”