The Builders Arms Hotel is one of Melbourne’s must-try pubs

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The Builders Arms Hotel is one of Melbourne’s must-try pubs


Situated on the corner of Gertrude and Gore Street, this charming bistro-style restaurant features a seated area out front (for those balmy summer afternoons), a dining area surrounding the bar and an endearing beer garden tucked away in the back of the venue.

Andrew McConnell of Supernormal, Cumulus Inc. and Cutler & Co has curated a magical food experience that amply blends with the overall relaxed feel of the pub. The selection of sharing dishes spans a wide variety of worldly flavours. The creamy decadence of the whipped cod roe with crisp Turkish bread is a dish not to missed. The charcuterie board presents the finest quality of pastrami, salami, chicken terrine with pickles, and Dijon mustard scattered over the top.

The Builders Arms Hotel wouldn’t be an Andrew McConnel-stamped restaurant without an intelligently curated wine list. Order a Camporsino Chianti Red while you wait for your steak to arrive. No doubt by the time your meal comes you’ll be yearning for a second glass thanks to it’s sweet, aromatic flavours topped with notes of cherry and violet.

The fish pie epitomises utter comfort. Meanwhile, the chicken schnitzel roll on brioche with pickled cabbage and yuzu mayonnaise is a classic melt-in-your-mouth experience. But the true hero is Monday night’s steak special. Swimming in parsley and garlic butter, served with a side of classic French fries and beautifully crisp salad, the Builders Arms Hotel defies the expectation of your average pub special and will only set you back a total of $19.00.

Although pub fare isn’t traditionally associated with Italian cuisine, The Builders Arms Hotel take on spinach and ricotta tortellini proves that the kitchen’s versatility knows no bounds. The tortellini as is doesn’t require much else; such is the beauty of this dish. A toss of burnt butter proves all that’s needed to bring out the best in its entirety.

As for the selection of beers, the public bar offers ten rotating draght beers to cater for all tastes, whether you’re after a refreshing summer ale or a session beer that’ll see you though the afternoon into evening. Capping it off, their sprawling courtyard acts as the perfect counterpoint to this; an ideal area to soak up some sun and take part in the communal revelry.

The warm globed lights, high stools and rustic tiling, partnered with the overall great pub food experience, makes The Builders Arms Hotel an utter highlight amidst the Melbourne pub chains. Whether your winding down your weekend with an indulgent meal or starting your week off with a bang, The Builders Arms is always there for you.

Words by Tess Nicolaou