The Boite Presents Suitcase: Part 3

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The Boite Presents Suitcase: Part 3

The Boite Presents Suitcase, as part of The Boite’s Portfolio program. The program is creating opportunities for 10 emerging culturally diverse artists/bands in Melbourne/Naarm to showcase their original music.
We promise you won’t want to miss this series of shows.

VÉR is a genre-bending solo project from Melbourne (AUS) artist and conscious storyteller, Rhyver Mores. Pulling inspiration from a wide variety of sources that range from R&B and trip-hop to Nordic metal and Sanskrit mantras, VÉR produces a unique and unmistakable sound.
Rhyver began writing music and poetry at an early age, earning accolades from ‘The International Society of Poets,’ and earning their first publication at 11 years old. Rhyver continued writing and collaborating with local bands as a lyricist and developing their skills as a writer before spending the next decade as a spiritual seeker, exploring their inner-world, and striving towards universal truths. After training in reiki, sound healing, yoga, and naturopathy, Rhyver began refocusing on music as an outlet to share their deepest insights.
VÉR has recently debuted their first consciousness-raising project and audio-visual EP “The State of Things” with the first single and video clip, “Mama”, now available on YouTube. The single is available on all music streaming platforms.

Born in Iran and a music prodigy by the age of 4 years, Misagh Zamani is a multi-instrumentalist who can play over 16 musical instruments from piano, guitar to instruments such as oud, tonbak, tar, neyanbun (Persian bagpipe) and much more.

Misagh is also a classically trained pianist and since arriving in Australia in 2013 he has played with various famous internationally touring Persian artists. When he’s not busy teaching and touring as supporting musician he is always looking for ways of sharing his music with the broader society.

His original music is influenced largely by his Persian roots fused with other genres; from electronic music to classical music.