The Best Punk Rock Shows in 2018 (that I attended)

The Best Punk Rock Shows in 2018 (that I attended)


The punk rock scene in Melbourne in 2018 showed no signs of slowing down, with countless local and international shows on every week all around this great city. While it would be impossible for me to have seen everything that was on offer over the past year, here are some highlights of my time attending shows.

Surfbort + Private Function + Girl Germs
+ Pinch Points


Last Chance Rock & Roll Bar, Friday November 30


Not only did it feature the debut Australian performance from New York City trash punks Surfbort, but this show also exclusively featured bands that have released music on Roolette Records. Founded by Carsten Bruhn just shy of two years ago, the label made its mark releasing some of the best music from Melbourne, while they have also now released Surfbort’s debut LP Friendship Music. The show sold-out via pre-sales and was hotly anticipated by everyone in the circle. With a feel-good vibe of friendship running throughout the night, every band played well and Surfbort made their mark in Melbourne as one of the best new punk bands. 

Mesa Cosa + FSBS + Grewsum Tewsum

Cherry Bar, Saturday September 15

Although headliners Mesa Cosa are always excellent, one of the bands that blew my mind the most this year was newcomers Grewsum Tewsum. I’m not exactly sure what it was I was experiencing at the time, but my best analysis of it all was some kind of cowpunk with nu metal breakdowns with two lead singers in wedding dresses. All I know is that it was one of the most refreshing things I’ve seen in a while. I’m normally completely wrong about these things, but I’m touting this band will be huge.

Horace Bones

The Tote Front Bar, Sundays in September Residency

One of my favourite punk bands in Melbourne, Horace Bones are difficult to categorise yet are sonically raw and straight to the point. Dubbed “horror punk” by some, but sounding little like The Misfits, the band tore apart the intimate front bar of The Tote every Sunday throughout September. With the standard set high by frequent raucous sets in the small space throughout the year, there’s no doubt Horace Bones made it their own. With countless spilled drinks, broken mic stands and dangerously low ceiling fans being bent out of shape, the front bar floor copped another series of scars, and continued its tradition of telling the story of one of the best music scenes in the world.