The best (and worst) new singles you need to check out

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The best (and worst) new singles you need to check out


A note from our reviewer: Welcome to Singles By Lachlan, not to be confused with Septuples With (Brooke) Lochland. Dogs AFLW Flag 2018.

Single Of The Week

Janelle Monáe : Make Me Feel

Janelle Monáe’s next chapter has the makings of breaching the pop superstar stratosphere, the previously established asexual android persona obliterated with a mood so hornáe you can feel Prince looking down from above, dipping his shades with a raised eyebrow of feigned embarrassment. Not to mention a music video that takes its San Junipero bisexual celebration and runs a marathon with it. A pop anthem so fucking good that I cannot recall the last time I heard a pop song this fucking good. Now cast Janelle in Episode IX.


Power : Road Dog

A long-haul rock‘n’roll belter. ‘Road Dog’ cultivates momentum with a riff-laden instrumental prologue before fangin’ it full pelt, with a taste of ‘Gimme Danger’ cowbell whipped in for good measure. It commands endurance, and rewards in due turn. Raw power.

Angie McMahon : Missing Me

Following the unabashed triumph of debut ‘Slow Mover’, Angie McMahon starts off ‘Missing Me’ with a similar sparseness. When it kicks in, there are shades of the late-‘90s alternative rock which cracked the mainstream (though a touch more grounded), flickers of scorn not reaching ‘You Oughta Know’ levels, but they threaten to reach a flashpoint. The punch is pulled, but it still leaves a mark.

Carb On Carb : 
It’s Been A Rough Year

Utilising golden age alternative rock devices for a purely uplifting, wholesome affirmation. Another gem from the Aotearoa two-piece, consistently delivering as they thankfully frequent us neighbours – performing at Yarra Hotel next Thursday.