The Belair Lip Bombs

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The Belair Lip Bombs


If debut albums are meant to serve as the gateway, a first impression, then The Belair Lip Bombs’ introductory effort paints a vibrant and emotive portrait of a band; built on strong songwriting and love for the craft.

The debut album from the Naarm/Melbourne indie group, called Lush Life, arrives as ten tracks of evocative exploration; stories that run a gamut of longing, seeking new horizons and discovering new paths to satisfaction and self-fulfillment.

The record captures gorgeous indie songwriting, helmed by Maisie Everett (guitar, key, vox) and fleshed out by a talented trio of musicians in Mike Bradvica (guitars), Liam De Bruin (drums) and Jimmy Droughton (bass). Featurings singles ‘Look The Part’, ‘Gimme Gimme’ and ‘Say My Name’, Lush Life is a perfect album for a first-time listener to immerse themselves in and for long time fans, the best pay off from the band who have spent the last three years charting their evolution beautifully through music and performances.

Catch The Belair Lip Bombs at the Brunswick Ballroom on Friday 20th October as part of their national album tour.