The Beast

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The Beast


There was a lot of hype surrounding the opening night of Eddie Perfect’s debut play,The Beast. With hype comes high expectations that, more often than not, are squashed within the first half hour of the plays beginning. But thankfully, The Beast was two and a half hours of hysterical, fearless dark comedy.

The Beast follows the journey of three guys who have been permanently scarred after a fishing trip goes horrendously wrong. The men make a pact to reshape their lives and move with their partners to the country, where they will live sustainable and apparently ethical lives. 

This play is ridiculous. But at the same time it is incredibly brilliant as there are absolutely no boundaries. Each joke is more risqué than the last. Each scenario is more unbelievable and ludicrous than its predecessor. But it all works so undoubtedly well when interwoven with Perfect’s seamless dialogue.