The B.East’s Studio 54-themed fifth birthday party is gonna go off-chops

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The B.East’s Studio 54-themed fifth birthday party is gonna go off-chops


The glamour, celebrity clientele, decadence and extravagance that were held within the walls of the theatre-turned-nightclub have since become the stuff of thrill-seeker legend, with wild celebration and antics abound. With infamous entry policies based on appearance and style, the club cultivated an exclusive crowd where the who’s-who of the heyday rubbed shoulders and partied like there was no tomorrow.

A live cultural icon in its own right, The B.East will be celebrating its fifth birthday this year – and in a nod to the era of the never-ending night, they’ll be throwing one hell of a time with a disco-drenched, nostalgia-ripe tribute to the glory days of Studio 54. Encouraging one and all to dress in their most dazzling seventies-inspired extravagance, there’ll be music, dance and special treats abound.

Mojo Juju and her band will be headlining the enormous evening, punching out powerful Rhythm & Blues-inspired greatness. An icon of Australian music, Juju is a master of voodoo-flavoured lyricism and a weaver of explosive sonic theatrics.

Emilee South will blow audiences away with her ferocious take on 60’s soul. Fresh from a sold-out album launch and tour, South’s fiery vocals and passionate guitar work evokes the best of her inspiration and elevates it far beyond.

Australian Burlesque royalty and award-winning performer Miss Sina King will be gracing the night with two whole tailor-made acts. One of Australia’s most in-demand burlesque performers, King’s one-of-a-kind style has seen her receive acclaim from accomplishments in the Miss Burlesque Australia and Las Vegas-held Burlesque Hall of Fame events. On top of everything else, DJs Miss Goldie, Chelsea Wilson & DJ Mermaid will be spinning some mad party tunes all day.

As well as special strawberries and cream cocktails, there’ll be cheap drink specials all evening, with the likes of Jameson Irish Whiskey, Mountain Goat, Tequila Herradura, Fireball and more. Fresh trays of free sliders will also be shooting out of The B.East Kitchen.

The B.East, as proven above, are no strangers to throwing a killer party. Over the years, they’ve seen special heavy metal-themed trivia nights, festive Christmas cheers and they’ve even thrown events to raise money for The Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre – Australia’s only public hospital dedicated to cancer treatment, research and education.

For last year’s birthday celebrations, they threw a giant circus-themed bash complete with escape artists, some hula burlesque, fortune tellers, rolla bolla balancers and “human blockheads” (you know it’s going to be an eventful night when you see a professional skilfully hammering a nail into their own nasal cavity).

Their kitchen has seen Burger Challenge Championships, and they’ve constructed mouth-watering morsels in the past that had to have been seen to be believed, including the B.East – a monstrous tower consisting of three 130-gram burger patties, six rashers of bacon, a deluge of chilli-cheese sauce and lettuce encased within a sweet brioche bun.

It’s safe to say that you can trust The B.East for a great time.