The Astor reveals 2016/2017 summer calendar

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The Astor reveals 2016/2017 summer calendar


Their summer season is chocked with classics this time around, including The Beatles’ A Hard Day’s NightE.TWilly Wonka & The Chocolate Factory, and Apocalyspe Now

Elsewhere, you’ll find a double feature of Hitchcock films with Psycho and The Birds as well as a full marathon session of the entire Back To The Future trilogy. 

Other highlights include the new Star Wars film Rogue One, as well as the hotly anticipated La La Land

Rounding it out comes four weeks of Tarantino films, with Pulp FictionKill Bill, Django Unchained, and Reservoir Dogs all getting a run, alongside a Lord Of The Rings marathon, back-to-back Ghostbusters screenings, Studio Ghibli classics, and a whole lot more.