Terra Therma Exhibition By Benjamin Knock

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Terra Therma Exhibition By Benjamin Knock

Terra-Therma is part of a larger body of work that acts as both a research project and multisensory exhibition created by Benjamin Knock during a recent expedition to the remote east coast of Iceland.

Benjamin’s exploration of the glaciers and ice caverns led me to map the landscape using Lidar technology, complimenting the data with sound field recordings. In addition to this, He has created a series of paintings and sculptures to transport you in the depths of the frosty north and highlight the impermanence of the building blocks that make up our current Holocene.

Benjamin Knock is a multidisciplinary artist dedicated to captivating the public’s imagination and bridging the gap between surrealism and our natural environment.

His expertise lies in creating large-scale murals, digital world-building, and fine art studio work. Benjamin has gained recognition for his captivating paintings on buildings, installations and exhibiting regularly. His artistic style draws significant inspiration from geology and the hidden wonders beneath our feet.

Opening reception commences 5-8pm 14th of July at No Vacancy Gallery 34-40 Jane Bell Ln, Melbourne VIC 3000

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