Ten songs that inspired The Nicoteenagers’ fiery alt-rock sound

Ten songs that inspired The Nicoteenagers’ fiery alt-rock sound

Spanning OutKast to Queens of the Stone Age.

Melbourne alt-rock sweethearts The Nicoteenagers are notorious for their ferocious energy and fiery sound. A mishmash of grunge, fuzzy synth and alt-rock, their eclectic sonic offering is the product of a vast, genre-spanning spread of influences.

We caught up with the local four-piece to hear about some of the music that has inspired their distinct sound and they listed ten tracks that have had the biggest impact.

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‘Rattlesnake’ by St. Vincent

St. Vincent is a fearless songwriter. Her unconventional synth sounds and captivating soundscapes have always been a well of inspiration for The Nicoteenagers. Also, she plays one of the most badass guitar solos I’ve ever heard on this track. 

‘Blood On Our Hands’ by Death from Above 1979 (Justice Remix)

The way Justice combines the punk rock spirit of the original track with their own super danceable energy makes for a super unique blend of French house that just makes you want to move.

‘Roses’ by OutKast

‘Roses’ is where The Nicoteenagers’ love of fuzzy bass synth started. We have been chasing that tone for as long as I can remember.

‘Goldmine’ by Kimbra

Kimbra’s ‘Goldmine’ is one of our go-to night driving tracks. I can’t count the number of times we have had this track blasting while driving the van home after a show with existential conversations in tow. 

‘Misfit Love’ by Queens of The Stone Age

I think Queens are an obvious inspiration for us, but we fell in love with this track at a Queens of The Stone Age show in 2013 on the Like Clockwork tour. It had a whole new energy live and turned it from just a cool track on the album to one of my favs and a big influence on The Nicoteenagers’ sound.

‘Grace’ by Jeff Buckley

As a songwriter and performer, Jeff Buckley is one you can’t go past. ‘Grace’ is one of the songs that has and will always inspire us to push boundaries and put everything on the line everytime we play. 

‘Climbing Up the Walls’ by Radiohead

This track’s relentless barrage of soundscape and emotion puts it in a league of its own. Our only hope is that one day we might capture the soul of a song half as perfect as Radiohead did with ‘Climbing Up the Walls’.

‘Cherry Lips’ by Garbage

Cherry Lips is one of our favorite pump up songs. I think we have listened to it so much that it has subconsciously influenced us in many strange ways.

‘Can You Afford To Be An Individual?’ by Nothing but Thieves

Nothing But Thieves’ have become a recent favorite in The Nicoteenagers house. They always bring something fresh to the table and, with this one, they served up a big slice of kick ass.

‘Hey’ by Pixies

Hey is the ultimate late night feel good track. It has underscored many a late night hanging out in the studio dreaming and reminiscing. 

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