Taking Back Sunday : Taking Back Sunday

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Taking Back Sunday : Taking Back Sunday


Attractive cover art, my existing regard for their music, and news of the original band reuniting after seven years separation, roused my curiosity about alt-rockers Taking Back Sunday’s self-titled album. As if returning to an old lover, embracing memories glossed with retrospect, only to realise that the past can’t be recaptured, I was subconsciously hoping to hear another Tell All Your Friends – written when John Nolan and Shaun Cooper were last part of the lineup.

El Paso certainly surprises. The same vocal layering and harmonies which characterises TBS are still present and strong. You’ll find moments of lyrical eloquence (Sad Saviour, Best Places To Be A Mom, Call Me In The Morning, You Got Me) and some sing-along choruses. There are interesting chord progressions, catchy riffs (note the motif during the rocky Money (Let It Go)), and creative guitar embellishments. However, the record’s outstanding moments highlight the whole lacking consistent brilliance; for every soaring melody, another falls dead and tired. I reached the last track, Call Me In The Morning, before I found a song I loved.

Still, listening to it now, I realise This Is All Now shines with its varied intensity and structure, as my head begins to bounce to El Paso.

Best Track: Call Me In The Morning

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In A Word: Lukewarm