Sydney rapper Webben returns with new concept EP, ‘A Sky Full Of Faces’

Sydney rapper Webben returns with new concept EP, ‘A Sky Full Of Faces’

The EP is a concept project which follows a man's rise from the darkness.

Sydney-based rapper Webben has revealed his latest release, a nine-track EP titled A Sky Full Of Faces. 

A concept project about a man submerged in darkness trying to find his way back to light, the EP spans various moods and sounds all tied together by the overarching themes of resilience and acceptance.

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From rapid-fire bangers like ‘Have A Party’ to ominous, thoughtful entries such as ‘Thank You’, A Sky Full Of Faces showcases Webben’s sonic dexterity and impressive ability to explore poignant themes while maintaining an easy-listening flow.

Introspective and intimate while still showcasing his signature tongue-in-cheek lyricism, the EP sees the emerging EP firing at his finest.

The new release comes exactly one year after Webben’s well-received 2020 EP, Wilo, another conceptual release exploring themes of masculinity, anxiety and heartbreak.

With his new EP, Webben once again proves his prowess for writing thoughtful and reflective rap.

Listen to A Sky Full Of Faces below. 

A Sky Full Of Faces is out now. For more from Webben, head to his Spotify or Facebook page.