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Where’s the strangest place you’ve woken up?

After waking in the plane, the memories started coming back. LA, tequila, beach party. I asked where I was. The man said Mexico.

Describe yourself using the title of a song.

Mr Happy – DJ Hazard

What was the weirdest thing you believed as a child?

That the day has 24 hours, and the night has 12. I was running on a 36-hour clock! Although, not much has really changed.

The most awkward moment you’ve had as a DJ?

Realising that I’d accidentally bought a ticket to one my own gigs, and then trying to return it.

What would be the worst dance track in the world to be tortured with on repeat?

Anything involving four or more members and choreographed dancing.

What’s the most played record in your bag?

Spring Back – Villem.

What question would you like to ask an omniscient, all-knowing being before you die?

“What’s seven times six? Also, what’s the deal with that bus driving towards me?”

If you hadn’t made it as a DJ, what job would you choose to work in instead?

Animation for 3D movies and games etc. I want to retire as a boat builder in Spain though. 

When and where is your next gig?

Tribe 2013 at Brown Alley, New Year’s Day, Tuesday January 1.