Swarm Tour @ The Evelyn Hotel

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Swarm Tour @ The Evelyn Hotel


Normally reviewing a live show like this I give five or six sentences to review and critique each band. On this occasion, I will review the night as a whole. This night was a celebration of all that is good in Australian rock music in a live setting.

Jericco and Twelve Foot Ninja are kind of in similar places in their respective careers. Both belong in the Australian alternative/progressive rock scene. Both are very well established in said scene. Both have been around for a similar length of time. Both have released two exceptional, and exceptionally well received EPs. Both are currently working on their debut albums. Hopefully both will release said debut albums in 2012.

Strangely enough, musically they are worlds apart. Jericco draw on ancient influences to create their propulsive, middle eastern inspired sound. Twelve Foot Ninja sound like they are from the future, and incorporate ska, reggae, funk and pop stylings into their blistering but engaging alt-rock songs.

Put them together, and it’s absolute dynamite. A completely sold out crowd heaved, sweated and bounced their way through enormous sets from both bands, and left the Evelyn thoroughly satisfied with proceedings.

Apparently Jericco’s singer Brent McCormick was actually seriously ill with laryngitis this evening, but you would not have known it for a second. He performed up to his usual illustrious standard. Much respect to him.

And certainly not forgetting the other band that formed part the formidable trio that was the 2012 version of the Swarm Tour. Circles’ pulsating set started strongly and just got better and better. I have said it before and I’ll say it again, these guys are the ‘band most likely’ in the Aussie metal scene.

This triple threat has been on tour across the nation for the last few weeks, and by all accounts has been slaying audiences with its progressive power. Swarm Fest is now a yearly occurrence, and a packed out Evelyn witnessed arguably its best lineup yet. Bring on the 2013 version.


LOVED: All three bands.

HATED: The next morning hangover.

DRANK: Coopers, and lots of them.