Supermercado Live

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Supermercado Live

The Night Cat

Supermercado Records presents Supermercado Live, an all live electronic music event and launch of the DJ Computer Crunk EP out on Supermercado in May. The EP features techno / acid banger “Finger to Finger’ by Honeysmack along with remixes from Luca Lozano (Klasse Wrecks, UK), Vanessa Worm (Optimo, NZ), Nathalie Copello (Dansu Discs, Berlin), Disruptive Pattern Material (Rekids, Detroit) and a host of local legends.

The Supermercado Live experience showcases an ALL LIVE and hardware focussed line-up including Honeysmack, Vanessa Worm, Hedchef and Jani Ho at renowned live music venue The Night Cat.