Super Florence Jam Live at The Pony

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Super Florence Jam Live at The Pony


Super Florence Jam are prog-rock turncoats who sound like they’ve been locked in a garage somewhere.

Sydney locals, Super Florence Jam, have proven that 60s and 70s rock music, even though it’s revamped and rewired, is still out there.

And how do the band describe their music? Guitarist Laurence Rosier Staines says, “We’re not quite indie rock and we’re not exactly mainstream. Really, we play whatever we like and at the moment it’s all very energetic and melodic. We just have fun when we play.”

During the past five years Super Florence Jam have honed into an underground style of music prone to adaptation and playful experimentation. These young guns have bashed out songs in every style thinkable from blues, progressive rock, punk and funk.

They are set to launch their new single Anastasia Won’t You Sleep With Me, and you can catch them live with Dive Into Ruin, Single Men’s Drinking Club and Sheriff at Pony this Thursday November 11 (doors 8.30pm).

They’ll also appear with Star Assasin and Toehi at The Espy this Friday November 12 (doors 9.30pm, tickets from the venue’s website).