Sunday Sessions & Linden New Art

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Sunday Sessions & Linden New Art

Linden New Art welcomes you to a 6-week series of Sunday Sessions, transforming our front yard into a dynamic space where music, art, and community converge. Inspired by the success of last year’s Gospel Sundays, we’re expanding the celebration over six weeks. Join us for live DJ sets and engaging family workshops!

Building on the success of Gospel Sundays, we’re excited to continue our partnership with The Gospel Whiskey, offering an exclusive range of their signature whiskey-based cocktails at our pop-up outdoor bar.

Join us on Sundays, grab a drink, soak up the summer vibes, and revel in the fusion of sun, whiskey, and music. This is more than an event; it’s a celebration of everything that makes summer special.

Save the dates, bring your picnic rug, and be part of Sunday Sessions – a unique blend of art, music, and community.