Stories We Tell

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Stories We Tell


Stories We Tell is an unnervingly intimate insight into the secrets within a family. Film-maker Sarah Polley is concerned with the way in which we tell stories and how the truth can be unintentionally molded to suit our interpretation of an event. This is fascinating when Polley endeavours to capture the same story from every single member of her extended family.

The story of the Polleys is told through a personally written narration by the director’s father, Michael and it is this aspect of the film that is the most eloquent and touching. Each character in this story shares with the audience their unbridled memories from quite an emotional point in their past.  Candid scenes, reenactments, interviews and old family home movies are played throughout this multi-genre film and it gives it the element of being more than just a documentary about a family and its secrets. 


This film had you laughing in one moment and then crying the next. It was a relief that there was little to no melodrama and because of how the story was told from every possible point of view there was no need to ham it up. The Polley family recount this time with an endearing sense of humour and such a love for each other that is is hard to remember what a trial they’ve been through. Stories We Tell is an unassuming love story that will break your heart.