Steven Kramer channels Elton John, Carole King and more with ‘Don’t Make Me Play Piano Man’

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Steven Kramer channels Elton John, Carole King and more with ‘Don’t Make Me Play Piano Man’

Steven Kramer will return to Midsumma Festival for a musical journey through the ages, featuring all your favourite piano hits.

After making a triumphant cabaret debut with I Sing Songs, the multi-talented Steven Kramer is set to return to the Melbourne stage with his new solo show, I Don’t Play Piano Man. 

A smorgasbord of piano hits surveying various eras, you can expect singalongs and nostalgia aplenty when Kramer pulls up a stool at the keys. From Elton John to Carole King and Peter Allen, it’s a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.

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Melding his cheeky, irreverent sense of humour with a voice that’ll make you weak in the knees and a knack for hitting the keys, he’ll have the crowd eating out of his hands when he hits Midsumma Festival later this month.

“The show is a love letter to all the piano men and piano women of history: Carole King, Nina Simone and Elton John,” says Kramer.

“During COVID, a lot of artists had to make a decision whether to keep going or give up. The show treats the piano like a romantic partner. Do I continue the relationship or pack it in? I meet the piano as a kid in the show and fall for it, settle down with the routine of it all. Then there are the break-ups and the make-ups.”

As for whether you can expect to hear a rendition of the titular Billy Joel classic, well you’ll have to head along to find out.

Steven Kramer brings I Don’t Play Piano Man to Fortyfivedownstairs from Friday April 30-Sunday May 2 as part of Midsumma Festival. Grab tickets and find out more here