Steve Parkin : Mighty Big Light

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Steve Parkin : Mighty Big Light


“I wanted to make the shiniest, brightest, pop record I had in me to make,” states Perth singer songwriter Steve Parkin

“I wanted to make the shiniest, brightest, pop record I had in me to make,” states Perth singer songwriter Steve Parkin whose impressive credentials have seen him contribute to a number of acts ranging from Vinyl and Autopilot to on stage performances with Bob Evans and writing credits for Eskimo Joe. More recently he has collaborated with Jebediah’s Kevin Mitchell, Eskimo Joe’s Kav Temperley and Josh Pyke to form Basement Birds. There is no doubt Parkin can create pop music.


Mighty Big Light begins with a stripped-back acoustic, folk song in Lost Highway. It seems to reflect on what has been, with its husky vocal, sweet harmonies, electric slide-guitar notes and delicate bells chiming in to release a sense of introspective evaluation.


From there Sun Stealer, Win When You Lose (co-written with Kevin Mitchell) and City Tonight provide the most upbeat, radio-friendly tracks on the album. Bigger in production and texture, they convey more energy and dabble in rock elements.


Parkin himself admits, “I didn’t really fuss over the lyrics too much”. Unfortunately this is most evident in songs such as California. While it’s a song that would certainly be well-utilised on a television soundtrack, it doesn’t prove quite so worthwhile on this album, simply for its lack of lyrical substance.


One of the strengths of Mighty Big Lights however is the diverse composition of each song and the various string and piano arrangements offered up by Stuart MacLeod and Hugh Jennings on tracks such as Sad Girls.


Drawing wisely from a range of experienced musicians in Joel Quartermain, Kav Temperley, Stuart MacLeod and, as previously mentioned, Kevin Mitchell, Steve Parkin has written Mighty Big Lights by focusing on the road ahead. It is a road heavily tinged with each and every pop element; clean guitars, hand-claps, splash cymbals, uplifting harmonies and tales of things lost and gained.

Best Track: Lost Highway

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In A Word: FM

Label: Dirt Diamonds