Squirly on shark drum-lines, crazy childhoods, and his new show, ‘Squirldog-Millionaire’

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Squirly on shark drum-lines, crazy childhoods, and his new show, ‘Squirldog-Millionaire’


Tell us about your show. Squirldog-Millionaire is a fun time, free from the pretences other shows are burdened with. Squirly is unashamedly focused on nothing other than making the audience laugh. He tightropes the line of being fantastical and real with his laid back country manner mixed with his wild stories.

What inspires you about MICF? The MICF is the focal point of Australian comedy, where every comedian wants to be and the only place where a show and performer can seriously be measured. Making the Raw Comedy National Final in 2016 and performing at the Melbourne Town Hall was great and being able to come back with my first full show is a dream come true.

What’s a fun fact about the show? Squirly talks about shark drum-lines in the show. He also appeared on the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week documentary Bride of Jaws tagging Great White sharks off the WA coast way back in 2014.

Who are your biggest influences? Carl Barron, Bill Burr, and Eddie Murphy all influence my comedy style in different ways. Whilst I definitely have a style all of my own, they all show that there are so many different ways to go about how you present your stand-up.

How have the events in your life turned into material? Pretty well all of the material in the show is based on real events that have happened in my life – the crazier the story sounds, the more likely it is to be true. My upbringing has always been a source for my material and I think everyone can relate with having a little craziness in their childhood.