Spring Awakening in Summer

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Spring Awakening in Summer


Spring Awakening, the hit Broadway Musical premiers in Melbourne at the National Theatre in St Kilda.

The play that was banned in 19th century Germany for portraying naughty themes like homosexuality and masturbation has hit our shores and is premiering in Melbourne on Thursday January 27 at the National Theatre in St Kilda.

Spring Awakening is a musical featuring a score by Dunkan Sheik and lyrics by Steven Sater adapted from the 1891 play by  Frank Wedeking. This particular production is directed by Robert Coates and produced by the Young Australian Broadway Chorus.

The Broadway cult production has won the grand total of 8 Tonys and a whole lot of other awards.

As most would have gathered it’s a play about sexual awakening more so than that of the season in the title. With issues like suicide, rape and child abuse it’s controversial as well as intriguing.

So take a drive (or a tram) to St Kilda and experience this bit of Broadway genius.

More deets at www.springawakening.net.au

Here’s a little teaser of the show at the above mentioned Tonys (with a US cast)